What are the common reasons of bad odor from feet

It feels so disgusted when you get a bad smell from the person sitting right beside you. And sometimes in these kinds of situations, you don’t get any alternatives without tolerating the painful odor. Many people have this issue. The reason can be anything. Some have biological issues; some have sweating issues, some people get stinky feet when bacteria grows on their legs because of sweat. It can be because the person is not in a comfortable position or stressed or in heat. Some also automatically sweat without any reason. No matter whatever is the reason it is very disgusting and hard to ignore who have to tolerate this and also embarrassing for the one who has this problem. Our feet usually is covered with socks. When we wear formal shoes, sneakers, and the similar ones, it becomes quite impossible to pass any air or space. Sometimes medication doesn’t work for people especially when it is for biological reasons. Home remedies have been used for a different cure or reducing the symptoms for many decades. Even when there was no medication, people relied on the home remedy or natural products largely. Still now, people, people prefer home remedies over other chemicals or drugs. Getting rid of the stinky shoes is not that difficult. Sometimes it gets impossible to get rid of this issue. But trying several home remedies might help you to reduce the symptoms of it. There are several home remedy tips or suggestion on for a single solution. So the billionaire question is, deciding which one to follow. It varies from person to person. It is also very hard to remember. In the era of technology, we can get any information on the internet. You can visit the following link for different home remedies.


A person has no hand when the reason of odor is natural but sometimes it is some of our mistakes too which causes this embarrassing situation. For avoiding this embarrassment, we can do some things, like:

It is important to remain neat and clean always. We should keep our feet clean. And wash it regularly at least for once a day. When you keep your feet clean, the bacteria and germs will be washed away simply.

 With ourselves, it is also important to keep all our stuff clean. Sometimes wearing a sock for more than one day might be the reason of your stinky feet. Wearing a pair of shoes for long might be the reason as well. If you wear your shoes for all day long naturally, it will stink. When it doesn’t get air and space for a long time, it will sweat and become the best place for bacteria.

Don’t wear wet socks or wet shoes. It is also another reason that adds the bad odor. Sometimes it might cause skin diseases too. Don’t compromise with the quality of shoes. If the quality and material of your shoe are not good, when you will sweat your shoe will remain damp because of it. And it will increase the odor even more.

If your feet usually sweats without even wearing a shoe, you can use feet powder, talcum powder or other anti-sweat products to avoid the bad smell. In fact, you can also apply the procedure before wearing a sock and putting your shoes on.

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